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Researchers Comb Crash Data to Improve Motorcycle Safety´╗┐

Posted: Nov 3, 2022

Researchers at the University of Wyoming are closely examining the characteristics of fatal and severe motorcycle accidents in Wyoming and Utah to identify methods and models that can be used to assess roadways to improve motorcycle safety. They looked at multiple years of crash data and found that the most common factors affecting injury severity in motorcycle-related crashes include vehicle maneuver, driver action, junction relation, alcohol, animal, and speed involvement, and helmet use. The vicinity of intersections significantly increases the odds of injury crashes in all urban and rural multi-vehicle crashes. Vehicle maneuvers such as overtaking/passing, changing lanes, and negotiating curves are also associated with a more severe crash outcome. Helmet use was generally found to reduce fatal and serious injuries in crashes. The study adds to the body of knowledge on motorcycle safety, crash characteristics, and crash contributing factors, as well as a better understanding of statistical models to be used for motorcycle safety assessments. It is expected that this will lead to better practices to manage motorcycle traffic and improve safety.

Milan Zlatkovic, Ph.D.
University of Wyoming

Motorcycle Safety Assessment in Wyoming and Utah: Crash Characteristics and Contributing Factors

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