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Development of Flex Tests for Asphalt Could Save Highway Maintenance Dollars

Posted: Aug 30, 2022

Researchers at the University of Utah are developing tests for asphalt that can predict their performance in the field so that optimum life of pavements can be attained, and maintenance investments can be minimized. In this ongoing research, the researchers are looking at asphalt mixtures' flexibility index (FI), which has been identified as a valuable parameter to evaluate the intermediate temperature performance of roads. While it is known that low FI values result in high propensity for cracking, an actual threshold value has not been determined in the state of Utah. Early results are promising, so researchers hope to expand their research to a larger number of pavement sections over a longer time period.

Pedro Romero, Ph.D.
University of Utah

Field Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Flexibility Index Results

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