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CSU Researchers Examine Use of Green Infrastructure to Limit Flooding Impacts on Traffic

Posted: Dec 29, 2020

Kathryn Knight, master's student in civil and environmental engineering at Colorado State University, defended her MS thesis, "Assessing the Use of Dual-Drainage Modeling to Determine the Effects of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Networks on Events of Roadway Flooding." The work was part of MPC project 568, "Mitigation of Flooding-Related Traffic Disruptions with Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management." Principal investigators on the project are Aditi Bhaskar and Suren Chen. The project focuses on the mitigation of flooding-related traffic disruptions by implementing green infrastructure stormwater management. Knight presented a webinar on her research via the One Water Solutions Institute at CSU. She is currently a water resources engineer at Wright Water Engineers, Inc., of Denver.

Based on work from the same project, MPC researcher Aditi Bhaskar participated in a webinar hosted by the Colorado State University Salazar Center for North American Conservation on Water Management, Community, and Urban Resilience. She discussed "How effective is green stormwater infrastructure for urban streams and streets?" She joined Jaime Gonzalez of the Nature Conservancy in discussing how stormwater is managed in cities and new ways of harnessing natural solutions and community building to promote resilience.

The work was also featured in the December issue of Colorado Water, a publication of the Colorado Water Center at CSU.

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