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NDSU Students Present at TRF Annual Forum

Posted: Apr 23, 2018

Five NDSU students presented research at the 59th Annual Transportation Research Forum April 10-11 in Minneapolis. The event was an opportunity for transportation professionals, academics, students, and graduates to present their work, discuss the latest research, debate contemporary transportation issues and network with other professionals.

  • Mohammad Alshareef presented "The Value of Missouri River Water in its Navigation Channel and Freight Costs."
  • Mingwei Guo presented "Administrative Process Insight for Effective Impaired Driver Interventions."
  • Fecri Karanki presented "Nested Catchment Areas and Breaking Monopolistic Power."
  • Narendra Malalgoda presented "Effect of Subsidies on Urban Public Transit Performance and Ridership in the U.S."
  • Yuan Xu presented "Evaluating environmental efficiency of U.S. airline industry with flight delays using a directional distance function data envelopment analysis."
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