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Pantelides Studies Fix for Earthquake-Damaged Bridge Columns

Posted: Sep 12, 2016

Repair of damaged bridge columns following an earthquake is a good alternative to replacement. Benefits include cost savings, reduction in construction time, and decreased interruption of emergency services. Dr. Chris Pantelides, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Utah has developed a repair technique that uses materials that are easy to install, including epoxy anchored headed steel bars, CFRP sheets and either nonshrink or expansive concrete. In tests, the strength and displacement capacity of damaged bridge columns was restored. The result is a cost effective repair which could be installed within a few days. The research was supported by the MPC and the Utah, New York State and Texas Departments of Transportation. A paper on the research, "Seismic Repair of Severely Damaged Precast Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Connected with Grouted Splice Sleeves," was recently published by the ACI Structural Journal.

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