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Bicycle Research Garners National Interest

Posted: Dec 3, 2015

A mix of pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers on busy streets may seem like a dangerous mix, but some of the most bicycle-friendly cities around the world are also the safest for all road users - motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians included. University of Colorado Denver researcher Wesley Marshall is trying to find out why in an MPC research project (MPC-455). As part of the research Marshall surveyed 18,000 people to try to learn why cyclists, in particular, might break traffic regulations. Often, Marshall says, bikers break traffic laws because it makes them feel safer by increasing their visibility or getting them out of traffic. The survey, prompting passionate responses from both drivers and bicyclists, was featured in media across the country including the National Public Radio's Science Friday, CBC News in Canada, the Washington Post's Wonkblog and numerous outlets in Colorado, including Denver TV station 9News.

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