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MPC Research Published

Posted: Jul 13, 2016

Three journal papers featuring MPC research at Colorado State University conducted by MPC principal investigator Suren Chen and his collaborators were recently published:

  • Chen, F., Chen, S. and Ma, X. "Crash frequency modeling using real-time environmental and traffic data and unbalanced panel data models", International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13(6), 609; doi: 10.3390/ijerph13060609
  • Ma, X., Chen, S and Chen, F. "Correlated random effects bivariate Poisson lognormal model to study single- and multi-vehicle crashes", Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE (In press).
  • Chen, Luke and Chen, Suren. "Seismic fragility analysis of curved and skewed bridges in low-to-moderate seismic region", Earthquake and Structures, 10(4), 789-810; doi: 10.12989/eas.2016.10.4.789
  • Although, not directly related to MPC projects, the Chen and Ph.D student Yufen Zhou also had the following transportation-related paper published:

    • Zhou, Y. and Chen, S. "Vehicle ride comfort analysis with whole-body vibration on long-span bridges subjected to crosswind", Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 155, 126-140; doi: 10.1016/j.jweia.2016.05.001

    In addition, Chen was involved in the following conference presentations:

    • Hou, Guangyang, Chen, Suren. "Traffic simulation of bridge infrastructure system under hazardous driving conditions," June 5-8, 2016, The 1st Transportation Research Congress, Beijing, China.
    • Chen, Suren, Zhou, Yufen, Wu, Jun and Chen, Feng. "Research of wind effects on long-span bridge and traffic system," May 12-14, 2016, The Sixth US-Japan Workshop on Wind Engineering: Windstorm Hazard Reduction of Critical Infrastructure, Tokyo, Japan.
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