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Premier Transit Management Training Courses

SURCOM offers a 2-part series of management training specifically designed for transit operators, supervisors and managers. This training is delivered on-site, and can be hosted by any local, regional and state transportation organization. All participants will receive a reference manual with course materials, handouts and group exercises.

TRANSIT I – The Foundations (2-day course, 16 hours of instruction)

This course is intended to provide new transit managers with a base of information and resources to assist in navigating through the maze of transit management responsibilities. For those who have managed programs for a number of years, it provides exposure to key elements of management and transit program assessment that previously you may not have taken the time to address or implement.

This course is broken into individual modules which cover: Introductory Human Resources; Vehicle and Facility Maintenance Programs; Safety and Risk Management; General Administration for Transit Agencies; Financial Management and Introduction to the Federal Transit Administration.

TRANSIT II – The Pillars (2-day course, 16 hours of instruction)

Prerequisite for this course: SURCOM's TRANSIT I or Principles of Transit Management course

This course is designed to build upon a transit administrator's or supervisors' existing base of knowledge and is designed to help them further develop their managerial skills. The material will be presented through a combination of lecture and activities, requiring individual critical thinking and significant group participation.

This course is broken into individual modules which cover: Advanced Human Resources; Financial Planning; Intelligent Transportation Systems for Transit; Strategic Planning; Emergency Management and Continuity Planning; Ethics and Leadership.

Advanced Transit Professional Certificate

SURCOM and the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning have partnered to provide persons who have successfully completed TRANSIT I – The Foundations (formerly titled Principles of Transit Management) and TRANSIT II – The Pillars (formerly titled Advanced Transit Management) the designation of "Advanced Transit Professional." The Advanced Transit Professional certificate is a great way of showcasing your accomplishments as a transportation professional. Certificate recipient information will be maintained at the NDSU Office of Teaching and Learning, allowing individuals to enjoy the prestige of a university-sponsored achievement through this non-academic-track program. For more information, please contact SURCOM. To order your Advanced Transit Professional certificate, and confirm your eligibility, please use the following link: Advanced Transit Professional Certificate.

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