North Dakota State University
State-of-the-Art Bus Shelter

Design Competition for Shannon McDonald's
Architectural Students

View client comments (MOV, 1810K)NDSU wants the bragging rights for the coolest bus shelter. The campus is expanding and additional parking has been added south of the Fargo Dome. This can be a long distance for students to walk so the campus circulator stops to pick students up that want rides on the designated routes. Further, several students live in University Village and make use of transit. We are asking students to design a state-of-the-art or "cool" bus shelter that could be stationed by the Dome or by University Village. Below are some facility requirements and technical attributes desired for the shelter.

This project may be completed in teams of two or alone and your solutions will be exhibited in the Hjemkomst Center in one of their showcases early next year. Designs will also be posted on the SURCOM website when available.

Facility Requirements:


The design competition will be held on December 12, 2003 when design entries will be reviewed by transportation professionals, university representatives, CME faculty and professionals, architects, and architecture faculty.

Sponsored by:
Small Urban and Rural Center on Mobility, UGPTI, NDSU