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The objectives of this study are to define the regulatory environment of interstate and intrastate motor carriers, to compare the North Dakota intrastate motor carrier industry's financial characteristics to a nationwide industry-norm, and to analyze trends of the North Dakota intrastate motor carrier...


There are at least two basic reasons for the tremendous growth in trucking of exempt commodities in the past six years: a protracted rail transportation capacity shortage, and grain handling capacity shortage which lasted from October of 1977 through January of 1980, and rail pricing policy which made...


The overall purpose of this report is to evaluate, in a descriptive fashion, the movements of grains from North Dakota. Specific objectives are to evaluate past and present grain movements with particular emphasis on grain origin, destination, mode of shipment, and commodities shipped. Particular attention...


This paper is a compilation of papers which represents five aspects of North Dakota trucking.


A synopsis of the Staggers Rail Act of 1980.


An analysis of the Motor Carrier Act for 1980.


The purpose of this paper is to speculate as to the nature of the future transportation of wheat to the PNW from North Dakota and Montana.


Reported in this paper is an analysis of the influence of seasonal rail rates on the movement of wheat, transport modes, and on location of storage facilities. Specific objectives were to describe the historical conditions associated with seasonal rail grain rates in North Dakota; to check for trends...


This study describes seasonal patterns of grain marketings in North Dakota. Causal relationships are being evaluated and will be reported elsewhere. A secondary objective is to evaluate changes in the seasonal pattern of marketings since 1967.


This paper gives a brief description of the formation of the exempt motor carrier industry and its relationship to railroads, as well as problems in that industry.

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