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The United States food processing industry is under increasing economic pressure to remain competitive internationally. Consequently, American firms are evolving from an adversarial to a close procurement relationship, with many adopting preferred supplier or partnership programs to decrease costs. A...

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and make recommendations about the current inventory management system at TMI Systems Design Corporation. The goal is to apply a logistics management perspective to current procedures.

This study examines some of the most significant new rail issues facing the state of North Dakota, and their ramifications for future rail policy. The study finds that: 1) the state of North Dakota should advocate alternatives to rail abandonment; 2) rail banking should be used when the possibility of...

The analyses that follow are concerned with four investment alternatives: 1) purchase of tractor/trailer rig; 2) lease of tractor/trailer rig; 3) purchase of jumbo covered hopper car; and 4) lease of jumbo covered hopper car.

The purpose of this paper is to profile jumbo covered hopper car leasing by country grain merchandising firms in North Dakota. Costs and utilization of leasing hopper cars are detailed. In addition, a model is developed for comparing the lease/purchase decision.

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