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Containerization has evolved from an industry serving niche markets to an industry creating niche market opportunities. While grain and oilseed industry is dominated by bulky, homogenized product marketing that is heavily reliant on economies of scale in delivering competitively priced commodities, technological...


This paper attempts to improve on the rail rate estimation employed by McFarland, while also measuring the impact of deregulation on rail profitability.


Knowledge and control of costs is fundamental to any business enterprise. Understanding the structure of costs allows managers to achieve various goals within their organization. Costs knowledge has implications for pricing and for efficiency gains, both actions of which increase the potential profitability...


This paper reviews an in-depth study of eastern Washington railroad needs, examines the characteristics of regional railroads from Washington to North Dakota and, finally, develops some benefits associated with use of regional railroads.


The objective of this study is to estimate the potential efficiencies gains from short line operation of branch lines in North Dakota. Cost and revenue estimates are developed in the study for three potential short line networks on Burlington Northern's system.


The purpose of this study was to analyze the cost structures associated with subterminal facilities. An economic-engineering approach was used to determine the construction and operation costs of four different sizes of subterminal facilities operating at three different plant capacities. Profitability...

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