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The study examined organizational issues that affected employee motivation and retention. To obtain information about these issues that could be qualitatively analyzed and compared from state to state, face-to-face interviews were conducted with two or three individuals at the Minnesota, Iowa, North...


The objectives of this research were to determine if fly ash has an effect on the field performance of cement-treated bases, determine if cement-treated bases perform similarly to other base types, and develop pavement performance models for interstate and non-interstate roadways in the state of Wyoming.


This report examines the coordinated/regionalized transit systems in North Dakota.


No performance evaluation guidebook existed for rural and small urban transit systems. Therefore, this guidebook is designed to provide transit operators with a tool for evaluating their system's performance. Each transit operator can measure their system's performance against other similar systems in...


This report presents a brief historical overview of the development of expansive (shrinkage compensating) concrete. Three Utah Department of Transportation projects using expansive concrete are discussed as to the performance of the expansive concrete. On-site inspections were performed on three projects...

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