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This report documents the research underway at the Utah Traffic Lab (UTL) that will contribute to the development of the user cost manual. This study evaluates the impact of various work zone scenarios caused by roadway rehabilitation projects in Utah. The results for different scenarios are tabulated...


The objective of this project is to produce a prototype CD-ROM containing the manual in an electronic format, which can be viewed directly from the CD. Specific objectives include: establish and meet with a technical advisory committee to receive direction and feedback; consolidate data from various...


In 1991 federal transportation legislation, Congress mandated that state DOT's develop and implement comprehensive bridge management systems (BMS). Related to this, a rigorous BMS software package, PONTIS, was developed via federal contracting to industry.


Manuals of instruction are important engineering tools because they provide the necessary information to perform important design procedures and calculations correctly and accurately. The objective of this project was to develop a computer-based manual of instruction by implementing tools and techniques...

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