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This project discusses the performance of deteriorating double-tee (DT) girder bridges that have been in service for many years. This included field testing of two single-span DT girder bridges in South Dakota for live load distribution factors (LLDFs) and dynamic load allowance (IM). The LLDFs and IM...


The most common type of bridge on South Dakota local roads is a precast prestressed double-tee (DT) girder bridge. More than 700 DT bridges are currently in-service in South Dakota. Structural detailing, aging, traffic volume, and environmental conditions affect structural performance, integrity, and...


This research focuses on finding a method for creating cost effective and innovative steel bridges in Colorado. The design method that was discovered to create this cost efficiency was designing the beams as simply supported for non-composite dead loads, beam weight and wet concrete, and then making...

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