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The analyses that follow are concerned with four investment alternatives: 1) purchase of tractor/trailer rig; 2) lease of tractor/trailer rig; 3) purchase of jumbo covered hopper car; and 4) lease of jumbo covered hopper car.


The primary objective of this study is to identify and assess problems currently associated with holders of leases of railroad property in North Dakota.


The purpose of this paper is to profile jumbo covered hopper car leasing by country grain merchandising firms in North Dakota. Costs and utilization of leasing hopper cars are detailed. In addition, a model is developed for comparing the lease/purchase decision.


The main objective of this study is to examine the use of leased and privately-owned covered hopper cars by grain elevators in North Dakota. Specific objectives are to: 1) describe rail car leasing authority; 2) evaluate the utilization of leased hopper cars; and 3) compare the economics of leasing versus...


This paper discusses the lease option vs. the purchase option of rail cars.


Discusses the advantages/disadvantages of leasing rail equipment in North Dakota.

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