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The initial part of the study identifies a hypothetical career path based on theories of industrial psychology. This is followed with an in-depth analysis of what drivers' perceptions are of a career path that would improve job satisfaction. A final component of the study identifies management's perceptions...


This paper explores the determination of commercial vehicle driver attitudes and the effect of these attitudes on driving performance, job satisfaction, and turnover. It was hypothesized that if a relationship is found, it may then be worthwhile to select applicants with the highest potential for good...


The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between career stage, time spent on the road, and driver work-related attitudes. Three phenomena make the study of truck driver attitudes salient to carriers and shippers.


This study seeks to provide truckload carrier management information to improve their human resource management strategies. It has been shown that job satisfaction is related to turnover, and turnover results in increased costs for the firm. Thus, this study seeks to lower carrier costs by focusing on...

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