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The purpose of this study was to analyze the cost characteristics of the existing country elevator industry. Characteristics such as size of elevator, age and type of construction, location, facility utilization, and type of merchandising activities were analyzed.


Other things being equal, economic theory suggests that an industry will locate its plants near the source of raw materials if the manufacturing process results in weight loss. Plants will tend to locate near consumption points if the manufacturing process results in weight gain.

Contract Rates by Railroads (Dec 1982, SP-38)

The Staggers Rail Act of 1980 permits the railroads to enter into contracts with shippers. While contracts were entered into before the Staggers Act they were under a cloud as to their legality.


This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the subterminal-satellite elevator system.


This paper discusses the lease option vs. the purchase option of rail cars.


This paper explains delayed pricing contracts and how they work.


This paper discusses several factors which influenced the implementation of multiple car rates in the Upper Great Plains.


The general purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance and operating characteristics of the motor carrier industry moving North Dakota grain. Specific objectives were to: (1) identify the structure and operating characteristics of the exempt motor carrier industry; (2) identify costs of operation...


The transportation and handling costs were developed for the Governor's Trade Mission to China at the request of Kent Jones, Commissioner of Agriculture. The transportation rates were obtained from several sources including the traffic department of the Public Service Commission, traffic managers of...


The general purpose of this paper is to examine certain effects of high interest rates on the marketing of grain. Specifically, the paper addresses alternative carrying costs to country elevators assuming various scenarios and contains a description of the economic incentives for utilizing cash grain...

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