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Agriculture is a leading source of demand for transport resources. It accounted for nearly 1 in 5 ton-miles of highway freight and 1 in 10 ton-miles of rail and barge freight transported in the nation during 2010, and demand is expected to grow. Thus, understanding industry practices and trends related...


This study examines the capital investment needs facing the short-line industry, the financing terms available to short lines for meeting these needs, the public interest benefits of short-line railroads, and the relationship of short-line railroad services to the statutory responsibilities of the Secretary...


Hearing to present findings regarding the analysis of railroad revenues and costs. The revenue-cost study was restricted to wheat movement originating in North Dakota by the BNSF railroad.


North Dakota's grain producers rely on an efficient rail system to move their products to export and domestic markets. A recent shift to larger grain hopper cars may threaten the viability of the state's light-density branch line network. This study simulates the impacts of handling larger rail cars...


This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the subterminal-satellite elevator system.


The general objective of this analysis is to determine that there is economic place discrimination against wheat shippers located in various sections of North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota.

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