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Despite bicycling being considered on the order of ten times more dangerous than driving, the evidence continues to build that high-bicycling-mode-share cities are not only safer for bicyclists but for all road users. This paper looks to understand what makes these cities safer. Are the safety differences...


This report gives a summary of the current state of alcohol-impaired driving and countermeasures in the United States and individual states, including North Dakota.


Older adults, people with disabilities, individuals in low-income households, and those living in rural areas can face significant mobility challenges. This study examines travel behavior and mobility of these transportation-disadvantaged groups by analyzing data from the National Household Travel Survey...


In this study, the cohort-component method of population projection is used to project changes in the size of various groups at five-year intervals from 2005 to 2025 for each of North Dakota's 53 counties. The populations of interest in the study, seniors, the disabled, students age 5 to 19, and households...

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