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Railroad and grain elevator rationalization have changed farm-to-market transportation in the western United States. Railroad route miles have declined from approximately 230,00 in 1929 to 171,000 today. Over the same period, average railroad traffic density (as measured in revenue ton-miles per mile...


North Dakota's grain producers rely on an efficient rail system to move their products to export and domestic markets. A recent shift to larger grain hopper cars may threaten the viability of the state's light-density branch line network. This study simulates the impacts of handling larger rail cars...


This report documents steps counties and townships in North Dakota can take to minimize their tort liability with respect to closing roads, abandoning roads, or designating minimum maintenance roads. This information is intended merely to be a guide, and is not a legal opinion.


The Carrington-to-Turtle Lake rail line serves five agricultural shippers in a four-county area in central North Dakota. Service on the line has been affected by recent embargoes, floods, and poor, deteriorating track conditions. The line is a strong candidate for abandonment as efforts to rehabilitate...

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