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Fourteen Thin Lift Treatments (TLTs) in Utah's Department of Transportation (UDOT) Region 2 were evaluated over a five-year period in order to assess their performance. Surface distress data was quantified using Pavement Condition Indices (PCIs), and Remaining Service Life (RSL) were estimated following...


An evaluation of the ability of the BBR (Bending Beam Rheometer) as a test to determine changes in the low temperature properties of asphalt mixture parameters was conducted, along with the possible implications of adopting this test for low temperature pavement performance. It was found that the creep...


Field samples were obtained from cores taken from multiple roads around the Salt Lake Valley in Utah and prepared for BBR testing. The response of field cores showed that even though the same binder grade used in the region was the same, the resulting mixtures have significant differences in creep moduli...

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