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Three bridge sites in South Dakota with streamflow records ranging from 50 to 67 years were selected to compute the histories of pier or contraction scour using the Scour Rates In COhesive Soils (SRICOS) method. Scour depths were computed using a range of soil erosion functions representative of cohesive...


The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) currently has a Finite-Element Surface-Water Modeling System for Two-Dimensional Flow (FESWMS-2DH) and Research Management Associates 2 (RMA2) Both programs have the capability to model two-dimensional (2D) flow around structures. The department must...


The SRICOS (Scour Rates In COhesive Soils) method had been proposed as an alternative design methodology for predicting scour at bridges founded in cohesive soils. As the new method can produce substantial savings in bridge construction costs at cohesive soil sites, it is important that South Dakota...

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