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The dramatic increases in crop production in both Renville and Bottineau in recent years has important merchandising implications. Foremost, it allows competitive elevators to increase volume thereby enhancing profitability. However, increased production in a given area and increased volume at a particular...


The overall purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of alternative cooperative arrangements, especially a subterminal elevator, at a selected specific site in Bisbee, North Dakota. While the analysis develops results for Bisbee, the methodology and data sources used will provide guidance...


This report presents the grain drawing capabilities and plant upgrade analysis of the Mooreton-Dwight Cooperative.


This report represents a continuation of analysis concerned with the patterns and methods of distributing grains and oilseed from North Dakota.


The general objective of this study is to identify the nature and costs of potential short line railroads in North Dakota as a means to mitigate effects of branch line abandonment.


This report is a synopsis of North Dakota grain production and marketing patterns, as well as how rail line abandonment affects local grain shipments and prices.


The general objective of this paper is to develop and test an evaluative framework for feasibility analysis of grain dependent short line railroads.


The primary objective of this study is to identify and assess problems currently associated with holders of leases of railroad property in North Dakota.


The objectives of this report are: 1) to describe the grain production and marketing characteristics of the southeast-central portion of North Dakota, with particular attention paid to Dickey and Sargent counties; 2) to estimate the volume of grain which may be available to area merchandisers through...


This study explores the implications of branch line abandonment and the short line railroad alternative.

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