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Trucking Churn Industry (Mar 2008, MPC-08-193)

The trucking industry is dynamic, and has been growing along with the economy. Many companies have come and gone, but many have been in business for many years. An increasing number of motor carriers can indicate a healthy industry and economy. While an increasing total number of motor carriers may indicate...

This study examined LTL carriers in the mountain-plains region of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Many rural communities rely on the LTL industry for freight movements in and out of the region. The level of LTL service in the mountain-plains region is unknown in a post regulated environment.

Transportation fulfills three major roles in a developed economy. First, it is an enabler that allows an economy to develop. Second, it is a facilitator of competition for producers throughout broad area. And finally, transportation is a component of the Gross National Product. The motor carrier industry...

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