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Other things being equal, economic theory suggests that an industry will locate its plants near the source of raw materials if the manufacturing process results in weight loss. Plants will tend to locate near consumption points if the manufacturing process results in weight gain.


The grain handling and transportation system in North Dakota is experiencing tremendous infrastructural change. Multiple car grain rates, rail line abandonments, energy considerations and technological advances are corollary factors, among others, influencing this transition.

Rail Line Abandonment (Dec 1982, SP-26)

This paper discusses rail line abandonments in North Dakota and the ICC Abandonment Application Process.


This paper discusses the lease option vs. the purchase option of rail cars.


This paper explains delayed pricing contracts and how they work.


This report discusses the maximum vehicle weights and length limits of different truck sizes.


Rail line abandonment is a process designed to allow railroads a means for disposing of unprofitable lines. This paper discusses this process.


The general purpose of this paper is to examine certain effects of high interest rates on the marketing of grain. Specifically, the paper addresses alternative carrying costs to country elevators assuming various scenarios and contains a description of the economic incentives for utilizing cash grain...


Discusses the advantages/disadvantages of leasing rail equipment in North Dakota.


Examines changes which have occurred in North Dakota airline fares and services since deregulation. The findings and summary conclusions of the analysis are presented.

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