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The main purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of existing federal and state laws and regulations on intrastate trucking operations in North Dakota and analyze the potential impacts of regulatory reform (including varying degrees of regulation).


The objectives of this paper are primarily two-fold. First, the logistical process of identity preserved grain shipments will be described. And second, certain cost comparisons will be made with traditional wheat shipments from North Dakota.


The purpose of this paper is to analyze shifts in regional HRS wheat marketing patterns that coincided with the terms of three railroad contracts. Specifics on the contracts are not available because of confidentiality, but factors such as origin (region), term and destination are available.


This directory was published with two goals in mind. First, it serves as a list to shippers in identifying interstate grain haulers. And second, it publicizes firms that operate in the grain trucking industry.


This review of literature on intrastate motor carrier regulatory reform has revealed two basic findings. First, in states where intrastate deregulation has taken place rates have generally declined or have remained constant, and quality of service has not eroded. And second, shippers and receivers generally...


The main purpose of this paper is to explore alternative methods of positioning wheat produced in the state at export locations. Specific objectives are to: 1) identify potential routes and modes which would be utilized to position wheat produced in North Dakota for export; 2) develop and identify associated...


This report represents a continuation of analysis concerned with the patterns and methods of distributing grains and oilseed from North Dakota.


This study presents the results of an analysis of changes in air fares and service levels in North Dakota after passage of the Airline Deregulation Act.


The dramatic increases in crop production in both Renville and Bottineau in recent years has important merchandising implications. Foremost, it allows competitive elevators to increase volume thereby enhancing profitability. However, increased production in a given area and increased volume at a particular...


The objectives of this paper were primarily two-fold. First, a descriptive analysis of rail rates for wheat from North Dakota was performed. Second, applicable rail costs of a typical wheat movement from North Dakota were calculated.

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