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Title:North Dakota Statewide Traffic Safety Survey, 2011
Publication Date:Sep 2011
Type:Issue Brief



The statewide driver traffic safety survey provides baseline metrics for the NDDOT Traffic Safety Office and others in understand-ing perceptions and behaviors related to focus issues. A set of core questions addresses nationally agreed upon priorities including seat belts, drinking and driving, and speeding. In addition to the core issues, questions were included to better understand views on specific programs and activities. Results indicate that many North Dakota drivers have adopted safe practices, but it is apparent that additional efforts are needed to improve safety on the state's roads. A few substantial differences in seat belt use, speeding, and distracted driving were found in comparing drivers by region and geography. Within the entire driver population, a target driv-er group of young male drivers engages in relatively high-risk driving practices and has some disregard for reducing potential for crash injury through consistent seat belt use. Continual measurement of transportation safety on North Dakota's roads provides agencies a clearer picture of what the state’s safety needs include, and assists in facilitating safer roads for everyone traveling through the state.

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