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Title:North Dakota Youth Occupant Protection Survey: 2016 Pilot Design and Implementation
Authors:Kimberly Vachal and Laurel Benson
Publication Date:Jul 2017
Report #:DP-294
TRID #:01643734
Keywords:age groups, analysis, behavior, child restraint systems, field studies, implementation, seats, surveys, traffic safety
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for North Dakota youth. Appropriate occupant protection significantly reduces the risk of these preventable injuries. Previous research shows that risk for fatal and serious injury increases by 50% to 70% when occupants fail to use safety restraint systems. In addition, youth in front seat positions are substantial more likely to suffer serious injury outcomes. An observational field study was conducted to measure youth occupant restraint use in the state. Overall, the weighted youth occupant protection use rate was 95.7% in 2016. This use rate creates a benchmark for safety stakeholders working to instill positive traffic safety behaviors as common practice. The observation method was selected for this performance metric to minimize bias in extrapolating sample field data to the population in terms of observed practices. In addition, supplemental analysis was conducted to identify factors associated with positive youth occupant restraint decision outcomes.

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Vachal, Kimberly, and Laurel Benson. North Dakota Youth Occupant Protection Survey: 2016 Pilot Design and Implementation, DP-294. North Dakota State University, Fargo: Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, 2017.

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