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Title:The Long-Term Availability of Railroads Services for U.S. Agriculture
Authors:Kimberly Vachal and John Bitzan
Publication Date:Jun 2000
Report #:DP-136
TRID #:01088796
Keywords:agriculture, axle loads, consolidations, container traffic, demand, future, grain, grain elevators, investments, marketing, railroad cars, railroads, rates, short line railroads, trend (statistics)
Type:Research Report – Department Publications



This study performs a Delphi survey of grain market experts to assess the future availability and quality of rail services for the agricultural sector. The survey produces several interesting future expectations including (1) further consolidation of the rail and elevator industries, (2) increasing prominence of the HAL cars in grain service, (3) an increase in rail rates from 1 to 4 percent annually over the next decade, (4) expanded use of shuttle/efficiency rail programs for major grains, (5) an increased use of market-based car ordering systems, (6) growth of the short line rail network, and (7) small market-scale, but large volume, increases in the share of grain marketed via container.

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