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Research Project
An Evaluation of Commercial Vehicle Drivers' and Safety Inspectors' Opinions Regarding the MCSAP, the Roadside Inspection Process, and Motor Carrier Safety

This project evaluated the opinions of commercial vehicle drivers and safety inspectors regarding the roadside inspection process and motor carrier safety. Surveys were developed in cooperation with the Office of Motor Carriers and used to question a representative sample from each of the groups nationwide. Questions in the surveys addressed vehicle and driver roadside inspections; the inspection selection method, fairness, frequency, and location; evaluations of inspectors and drivers; the partnership between the two groups; suggestions for improvement of the roadside inspection process and the partnership; safety; fatigue; sharing the road; and several additional subjects. In addition to a complete analysis detailing the results from each survey as well as in comparison to each other, results from this study also are compared and contrasted with results from a previous study of State administrators of the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program and motor carrier company management.

Final Report

Date: September 1998
Authors: Brenda Lantz
Completed Report: DP-125

For more information about this project, please email Brenda Lantz brenda.lantz@ndsu.edu.

NDSU Dept 2880P.O. Box 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050