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Research Project
Pedestrian User Experience at Roundabouts

Roundabouts have gained in importance and numbers because of their ability to enhance safety and efficiency of vehicular traffic. It has also been found that roundabouts reduce pedestrian related crashes. However, more recently there have been conflicting observations about pedestrian user experience pertaining to clarity, visibility, access, safety, and delays. Transportation agencies have received some feedback from pedestrians indicating that roundabouts, especially larger multi-lane roundabouts, can be difficult to navigate. If safety data show a reduction in pedestrian related crashes, why are agencies receiving complaints? The professional community and transportation agencies want to understand pedestrian behavior, pedestrian treatments for improving visibility of pedestrians and compliance from drivers, and guidance with regard to pedestrian treatments. What are best practices to follow when evaluating roundabouts for pedestrian user experience? The objective of this research to understand pedestrian user experience at roundabouts, identity how it can be enhanced through various pedestrian treatments, and develop related decision tools and guidance.

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