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Research Project
Wireless Roadside Inspection

In conjunction with the Analysis, Research, and Technology division of FMCSA and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, this project will demonstrate the feasibility and value of assessing truck and bus drivers and vehicles up to 25 times more often than is possible using today's approaches.

The assessment will be conducted using secure wireless communications while the truck/bus is traveling at highway speeds. Examples of items that will be checked include commercial driver license status verification, carrier out-of-service and operating authority verification; as well as vehicle lights, weight, and brakes checks as feasible.

The program will evaluate the potential benefits to both the motor carrier industry and to government.

For more information about this project, please email Brenda Lantz brenda.lantz@ndsu.edu.

NDSU Dept 2880P.O. Box 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050