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DOTSC NDDOT Erosion & Sediment Control Construction Certification Training

The resources marked with an asterisk (*) are not included in your printed course materials.

Module 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction & Overview of Erosion & Sediment Control Presentation (PDF, 1501K)

Module 2: Regulations & Special Provisions

  1. Regulations & Special Provisions Presentation (PDF, 5800K)
  2. Memorandum of Agreement * (PDF, 349K)
  3. NPDES General Permit (full permit) (PDF, 5328K)
  4. NDPDES General Permit (PDF, 437K)
  5. EPA Expedited Settlement Offer Worksheet * (PDF, 1089K)
  6. NDDOT Special Provision, Temporary Erosion & Sediment Best Management Practices, SP 0003(14) (PDF, 35K)
  7. NDDOT Special Provision, Temporary Water Diversions (PDF, 45K)

Module 3: Temporary & Permanent Erosion & Sediment Control Measures

  1. Temporary & Permanent Erosion & Sediment Control Measures Presentation (PDF, 6112K)
  2. D255-01 Bridge Approach Slab Drainage Detail (PDF, 122K)
  3. D255-02 Erosion and Siltation Control - Erosion Control Blanket Installation (PDF, 130K)
  4. D256-01 Erosion and Siltation Controls (PDF, 342K)
  5. D258-01 Standard Slope Protection Under Bridges (PDF, 315K)
  6. D260-01 Erosion and Siltation Controls - Silt Fence (PDF, 202K)
  7. D261-01 Erosion Control - Fiber Roll Placement Details (PDF, 225K)
  8. D708-06 Erosion and Siltation Controls - Median or Ditch Inlet Protection (PDF, 603K)
  9. 020GD_001_CULV_END_PROTECTION, Erosion Control at Culvert Flared End Sections (PDF, 273K)
  10. 020GD_001_DCONSTACC, Stabilized Construction Access (PDF, 71K)
  11. 020GD_001_DFLOATATION_SILT_CURTAIN, Temporary Erosion Control Flotation Silt Curtain (PDF, 222K)
  12. 020GD_001_INLET_PROTECTION, Inlet Protection Device (PDF, 357K)

Module 4: SWPPP

  1. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Presentation (PDF, 5253K)
  2. SWPPP, SFN 19388 * (Word, 220K)
  3. Site Inspection Template * (PDF, 117K)
  4. Plan Cover Sheet (PDF, 126K)
  5. EPA-833-R-06-004, Developing Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan * (PDF, 2741K)
  6. EPA-833-B-07-005, EPA Example Construction SWPPP (< 5 acres) * (PDF, 986K)
  7. EPA-833-07-003, EPA Example Construction SWPPP (~20 acres) * (PDF, 1609K)
  8. SWPPP Checklist 2015 * (Word, 29K)
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