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Plan Preparation Guide

Special Provisions


Directions: If a Standard Special Provision is needed, put the SP number and name in the plans. The SP will be inserted in the Request for Proposals.

SP No. SP Name SP Requirements
SSP 1 Temporary Erosion and Sediment Best Management Practices (PDF, 98K) Required for all projects with Approximately 1 Acre of more of Disturbance
SSP 2 Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act (PDF, 83K) Required when performing structure work or box culvert work
SSP 3 Local Agency Contracts (PDF, 78K) Used for Local Government Contracts
SSP 4 Longitudinal Joint Density (PDF, 159K) Required when doing HMA Asphalt, except for Commercial Grade only Projects
SSP 5 Limitations of Operations Required for all projects Revision of Section 108.05 (Does Not need to be Listed on TOC)
SSP 6 Gravel Road Specifications (PDF, 99K) Used for projects where PI is needed in gravel roads mainly County system
SSP 7 Bitumen Testing Price Adjustments (PDF, 107K) Used on all projects with 430 bid items (only for 2020 Spec Book)
SSP 8 Federal Prohibition on Certain Technological Hardware (PDF, 73K) Used on all Federal Aid projects (Does Not need to be Listed on TOC)
SSP 9 HMA Acceptance (PDF, 111K) Used on all projects with 430 bid items (only for 2020 Spec Book)
SSP 10 E-Ticketing (PDF, 96K) Used on all State projects beginning 3/1/22. Discuss with Local Governments before adding to the Table of Contents.


Directions: Project specific Special Provisions are requested through Environmental and Transportation Services Division – Technical Services Section as detailed in Section III-20 of the NDDOT Design Manual.

TERO Special Provision requests are due two months before PS&E. All other Special Provision requests are due one month before PS&E.

Below is a list of commonly requested project specific Special Provisions.


  • Utility Coordination (PDF, 148K)
  • Permits and Environmental Considerations
  • Railroad Requirements
  • Prebid Questions and Answers
  • Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO)
  • Conditions of Contract Award
  • Construction Monitoring and Discovery Plan
  • Erionite Containment


  • Video Vehicle Detection System
  • Interconnect Cable
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Environmental Sensor Station


  • Cement Treated Subgrade
  • Cement Stabilized Base Course



  • Bridge Paint: Lead Paint Removal, Containment, and New Paint


  • Pumping Equipment
  • Lift Stations

Ride Specifications

  • Concrete Ride Tolerance
  • Flexible Pavement Surface Tolerance

For more information, contact Jon Ketterling, Justin Ramsey, or James Rath by emailing nddot.prepguide@ugpti.org

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