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NDSU students to present at TRF

Posted: Apr 6, 2017

Six NDSU Transportation and Logistics Ph.D. students will present their research at the Transportation Research Forum's 2017 Annual Forum April 20-21 at the University of Illinois in Chicago. The Transportation Research Forum is an independent organization of transportation professionals dedicated to providing an impartial meeting ground for carriers, shippers, government officials, consultants, university researchers, suppliers and others seeking an exchange of information and ideas. Students presenting include:

  • Fangzheng Yuan — "Bus Route Design for Homeless Shelters in the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area"
  • Yuan Xu — "Age-Based Policy for Blood Transshipment in a Two-Echelon Inventory System"
  • Pyraz Kayabas — "The Impact of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program in Preventing Motor Vehicle Crashes in North Dakota"
  • N. Muhammad Aslaam Mohamed Abdu "Nick" Ghani — "Potential Biogas Production from Animal Manure: A Supply Chain Perspective"
  • Yong Shin Park — "Carbon Sensitive Optimization of Biogas Supply Chains Produced from Animal Waste"
  • Narendra Malalgoda — "Effect of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection on Airfares in the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry"

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