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About Us

Improving the safety of our transportation network is the main goal of UGPTI's Transportation Safety Systems Center. Based out of Lakewood, Colorado, the center has been in operation since 1996, and is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of software used by state and federal safety specialists nationwide.

The software developed by the center can be divided into two general groups: a roadside systems suite and an investigative systems suite. The roadside systems are generally used by safety specialists at weigh stations and ports-of-entry to assist them with inspecting commercial vehicles on the roadside. The investigative systems are used by safety specialists during on-site reviews at the carrier's primary place of business. Two of the systems are also available for private industry use to assist them with their safety management programs.

In addition to software development for safety enforcement programs, the center is also extensively involved with safety-related research and analysis. The research is directed toward potential improvements to the prioritization algorithms used to better target enforcement efforts, as well as toward enhancements to the various software programs.

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