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DUI Recidivism Fact Sheet (Dec 2013, Issue Brief)

Alcohol recidivism rates presented in this fact sheet are based on alcohol convictions within the previous 10 years, or two or more convictions in the current year.

Teen Driver Crash Fact Sheet (Dec 2013, Issue Brief)

Less than 3% of teen crashes resulted in serious injury in the past five years. However, teen crashes of this type represent a much larger share of all serious injury crashes, although that share has fallen by more than half since 2006.


Driver's education is a fundamental tool necessary for inexperienced drivers to learn how to operate a motor vehicle safely. In North Dakota, a new Graduated Driver's License process one which utilizes learner, intermediate, and full driver stages has been incorporated into the North Dakota Driver...


Driving under the influence is a dangerous activity and is especially problematic in North Dakota. To curtail rates of impaired driving, it is important to examine the actions of those that have firsthand involvement with DUI prevention: prosecutors, community leaders, and law enforcement personnel....


Motorcycle use brings increased risk to the operator simply by the nature of the vehicle. When a crash occurs, the threat of injury or death is magnified by physical exposure compared to that of other vehicle occupants. Detection and gap/speed judgments by other motorists present additional hazards to...

ND Traffic Safety: Oil Counties (Oct 2013, Issue Brief)

Western North Dakota continues to experience an economic boom due to energy industry expansion. Roads once used only for local access and agricultural purposes are now being used at high volumes to serve expanding oil production.


In this study, we estimated the travel response time between the ambulance locations and the demand points and between the demand points and the hospitals. The estimation was conducted in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by utilizing the shortest path algorithm. The demand points were randomly generated...


North Dakota's rural roads provide vital social and commercial links for a widely dispersed population. The safety of these roadways is paramount in managing traffic assets to enhance the state's livability. Approximately 67% of the state's travel, in vehicle miles, takes place on rural roads. From a...

Truck Crash Facts (Oct 2013, Issue Brief)

Trucks are an important mode of economic connectivity in rural states like North Dakota. The size/mass difference between 80,000 pound trucks and 4,000 pound passenger vehicles, along with operational differences such as acceleration/deceleration times and turning radiuses, heighten risk for crash e...

Truck Injury Crash Summary (Oct 2013, Issue Brief)

North Dakota truck injury crash incidence, in terms of injury crashes per VMT, increased 80% between 2002 and 2012.

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