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Staff Presentations

Brenda Lantz

Brenda Lantz presented information on commercial truck driver shortages, competition for drivers and other driver retention issues to the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association at the group's annual convention in Grand Forks.

Smart Roadside Initiative (May 16-17, 2012)
Brenda Lantz

The Smart Roadside vision is one in which commercial vehicles, companies, enforcement, and other transportation facilities share information seamlessly in order to improve safety, security, operational efficiency, and freight mobility. For the first phase to advance this vision FMCSA and FHWA have identified...

Brenda Lantz

This presentation included an overview of the FMCSA Portal specific to company information and an overview of the Inspection Selection System (ISS) calculation based on the FMCSA Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) BASICs.

Smart Roadside Initiative (Sept. 28, 2011)
Ron Schaefer, Brenda Lantz, and Paul Belella

The vision for the Smart Roadside Initiative is to create an environment where commercial vehicles, motor carriers, enforcement resources, highway facilities, intermodal facilities, toll facilities, and other nodes on the transportation system collect data for their own purposes and share the data seamlessly...

Mark Savage, Bryan Price, and Brenda Lantz

Brenda Lantz

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